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Licitar (honey biscuit)

Osijek has something very special on the world's list of intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO and that is Licitar. In Middle Ages craftsmen from Central Europe began to richly decorate their gingerbreads and from 18th century on the territory of Croatia that craft developed into what it is today. Favorite gift to a child or a loved one are Licitars shaped as a heart, doll, horse and various modern forms such as cars, trains or airplanes, decorated with bright red edible color with rich decorations made from fresh mixture called "ajz". Licitar heart with a small mirror in the middle carries a special message to the one you're giving it to, When the person sees him or herself in the mirror, they know they are in your heart. Smaller Licitars are common as a decoration and Blažeković workshop from Osijek can boast that their artistic hearts decorate Christmas trees in European capitals, from Vatican and Rome via Paris and Vienna to Berlin.

Photo: Tomislav Čižmadija