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Bon Voyage!

In this modern board game, the players are tourists who buy various trips at a local travel agency, travel and collect happy memories. The player with the most memories wins the game.

But traveling is not that easy: You need money to travel, which you have to earn, not all trips cost the same nor are they all easy to do. Find the ideal combination of work, shopping and travel and win this tourist game.

Simply & Quick

Bon Voyage! is played quickly and easily. All players play at the same time, so there is no boring downtime. The rules are also simple and can be played by players of all ages.


Everything happens in Bon Voyage! Business and tourist trips, special tours are bought. Players compete with each other to pick up the best trips at the travel agency...


Each travel card has a QR code on it that leads you to additional interesting information about the location that the card has on it.

Pay for the trip

Pay for one or more trips and store them in your suitcase.

Pack the necessary luggage and travel

Pack the necessary luggage to travel and put your trip in sweet memories.

Collect the best memories to win

Collect memories wisely so that at the end of the game they will bring you the most hearts of joy (points) needed to win.